According to the tradition Ashtanga Yoga (asana practice) is practised six days a week, with one day off on Saturday or Sunday. Rest is also taken on new and full moon days. When asana practice is done daily, rest days are necessary for regeneration and the extra biweekly ‘moon days’ are important to observe. For more about the tradition around Moon days please check here

In observance of the tradition, regular classes will be cancelled on the following Full and New moon days (only beginners courses run as usual unless the teacher informs otherwise):


Saturday 22/12 full moon


Sunday 6/1 new moon

Monday 21/1 full moon

Monday 4/2 new moon

Tuesday 19/2 full moon

Wednesday 6/3 new moon

Thursday 21/3 full moon

Friday 5/4 new moon

Friday 19/4 full moon (Good Friday)

Sunday 5/5 new moon

Saturday 18/5 full moon

Monday 3/6 new moon

Monday 17/6 full moon