A selection of schools and teachers that have inspired the teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund. For a complete list of authorised Ashtanga Yoga teachers worldwide, please check the KPJAYI website.

KPJAYI – R. Sharath Jois

Ashtanga Yoga New York/Brooklyn Yoga Club – Eddie Stern

Ashtanga Yoga Copenhagen – Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache

Yogabones  – Rolf & Marci Naujokat

Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

KARMA YOGA – giving back to society

Yoga practice happens both on and off the mat. A big part of yoga is about helping others and giving back to the community. In recent years Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund has supported different organisations that work to help disadvantaged women and children through yoga or financial help. Please click the links to read more and consider supporting a good cause:

V-Care Mysuru


Yoga Stops Traffick

Project Air

Urban Yogis

Yoga Gives Back