Mysore style is the traditional form of teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga. It follows the methos as taught by the KPJAYI in Mysore, India. The participants practice at their own pace and according to their own ability whilst the teacher gives individual guidance and adjustments. The Ashtanga sequences (there are six sequences) are taught pose by pose. When the teacher sees that the student is ready, the next asana is added (so you may start with a relatively short practice). Each asana builds from the previous – and prepares for successive – asanas.  Classes are mixed level with beginners practising next to more advanced practitioners. Complete beginners are advised to attend the beginner’s courses (see below). Please also consult the FAQ and General practice advice for more information.


Beginner’s courses cover the basics of Ashtanga yoga starting with a short introduction to yoga philosophy followed by a gradual learning of the Sun Salutations, the standing asanas (postures) and part of the Ashtanga yoga primary series as well as finishing postures. Focus is particularly put on linking breath and movement in the so called vinyasa system. We also learn about Bandhas (energy locks in the body) and Drishti (focus). Students attending beginner’s courses may also attend Mysore style classes.


The course suits students who have completed a beginners course in Ashtanga yoga with us or at another yoga school and who wish to continue with a guided class format. It’s also suitable for students who wish to work in a slower pace or need more time for certain postures. In class you are guided through the standing sequence and some seated positions of the Ashtanga yoga Primary series. At each session also put focus on preparation for some of the more challenging parts of the finishing sequence such as back bends, shoulder stand or head stand. 


The teacher teaches the class in the traditional way using Sanskrit and English, guiding the students without interruption. No detailed instructions other than for in and exhalation and the Sanskrit names of postures are given. Students are asked to stop at their last posture and wait until the finishing sequence. Contrary to Mysore style everyone begins and ends the class together and all participants are thus asked to come on time for class. The class covers full or half Primary Series (consult the schedule for details) of Ashtanga Yoga. Not suitable for complete beginners.


An open class without a present teacher or adjustments. Students who have seasonal/monthly cards may come and use the studio to practice on their own. Experience of Mysore style practice is necessary. If you wish to attend  please contact us to receive instructions before coming.


Chanting is an essential part of yoga practice. We learn basic traditional chanting such as it is taught at the KPJAYI in Mysore, India. The mantras are learnt through “call and response” where the teacher chants first and the students repeat. Classes are free of charge and open to all.


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We also provide private yoga classes one-to-one, and corporate tuition at your office. We tailor the cass according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.