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Photo: Sophie Håkansson

Even though it’s still summer (and what a summer !!!), our autumn schedule is already up and running. There’s Mysore class 6 mornings and 2 evenings a week (except on full/new moon when we’re closed. See all moon-day dates here). Beginners’ courses in Malmö and Lund start in a few weeks and an overview of the autumn schedule can be found on our schedule page. Continue reading for info on our courses, upcoming retreats, Friday-fun and more this autumn.

YOGA RETREAT – the last weekend in August, 24-26/8, we go to Uddebo for two days of re-charging our batteries ahead of the autumn. We only have a couple of residential spots left but you can still join if you arrange your own accommodation nearby. The Uddebo-retreat is an annual trip which is usually highly appreciated. Read more here and book now!

BEGINNER’S LEVEL 1&2 COURSES – start in Malmö and Lund at the end of August/beginning of September. New is that we have TWO beginner’s courses in Malmö; on Mondays taught by Isabella and on Saturdays taught by Miho and later this autumn Sara. In Lund, the beginner’s course is on Wednesdays at Hälsans Hus. The beginner’s level 2 course that was held in Lund on Wednesdays last semester is moved to Sundays in Malmö. The course/class is open to those who oversleep on the Sunday or those who want/need more guidance up to half primary series. You can join the level 2 as a course or drop-in with “klippkort”/monthly card, but it’s good to sign up in advance regardless. More about upcoming courses, times, prices, etc. on our events page.

MONTHLY PRIMARY SERIES – on the first Sunday each month Isabella guides a full primary series class in Malmö followed by tea & talk where we discuss a yoga-related subject. Recently, we talked about the teacher/student relationship in yoga. Next month (2/9), the theme is “Ahimsa”, non-violence, the most important yogic principle. Click here for all dates of guided class with  tea&talk.

FRIDAY-FUN – our alternative after-work resumes once a month at our studio in Malmö. This autumn we go back to basics and explore important parts of Ashtanga that are sometimes forgotten or “cheated” with. All Friday-fun classes and themes are available on the events page. The first class is on Friday 31/8 with the theme “Breath and Bandha” – read more and sign up here (places fill up fast).

WORKSHOPS in other cities – this autumn, Isabella also teaches in other yoga shalas in Sweden. In November, she travels to USYoga in Borås and later to Mpiyo in Helsingborg for special workshops. Come and join or feel free to share with friends who live nearby and may be interested.

We look forward to welcoming back old faces after the holidays and to receive new yoga aspirants at the shala. But, please make sure you’ve read and follow our guidelines for everyone’s comfort. And stay up to date about temporary schedule changes etc. by following us on Instagram and Facebook, or here on the news page/blog regularly.

See you on the yoga mat!
Om Shanti


On 1st of August 2018 the autumn schedule starts. Below you find an overview, but you may also download your own copy here. The slightly reduced summer schedule runs until the end of July. You can find all the information about the summer opening hours, our venues and our shala rules on the schedule page 


Dear yoga student,

With the new GDPR regulation coming into practice a month ago we sent the recipients of our monthly/bi-monthly newsletter an email.

We would love to continue keeping you informed about upcoming events, schedule changes and other news at the school but to help comply wit the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) consent requirements, we need you to re-confirm your subscription to our newsletter. The data you provide (name, email etc) is used solely for our newsletter and is NOT shared with any third part.

We hope that our newsletter is useful to you. If you’d like to continue hearing from us, please update your subscription settings by clicking the ”update my settings” at the bortom of an old Newsletter. You may always change your mind later and modify your subscription by using the same link at the end of each of our newsletters.

We hope that you would like to stay in touch. Should you have any questions please send us an email

Warm regards,
Isabella Nitschke, owner of  Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund


The spring semester is coming to an end and on 1 July the summer schedule starts. In this newsletter you can read about our summer opening hours, yoga retreats in July and August, and get a glimpse at what’s happening this autumn. We would also like to highlight the “International Yoga Day” on 21 June. We would like to to honour this day by raising funds in favour of the organisation V-Care in Mysore that we’re supporting since a long time. Yoga is not just postures on the yoga mat but also about helping others and giving back to society.  From the 21/6 to 27/6 you’re invited to submit your contribution either in cash at the shala or through swish 123 576 46 91. Read more about V-Care and how they help children from the untouchable cast in India here. In July, Lisa Lalér from our partner Yogashala Stockholm will visit V-Care and we hope to get an update from her.

SUMMER SCHEDULE – in July we’ll have limited opening hours for a few weeks. A detailed schedule of Mysore classes varied with self-practice is available here. If you buy a new card in July your card will be extended with a couple of weeks as compensation. Also, don’t forget that we are closed on Midsummer’s Eve 22/6 and Thursday 28/6 which is full moon.

YOGA HOLIDAYS – This summer Isabella hosts two yoga retreats; one week in Finland in July and a yoga weekend in Uddebo in August.


The week-long retreat 8-13 July, takes place at Kadermo Conscious Living in the Finnish archipelago. On Kadermo island you can escape from civilization, enjoy days full of yoga, delicious vegetarian food and relax in a truly unique setting. There are still some places left – read more and book through our here. Don’t miss this trip!

The last weekend of August 24-26/8, we return to Uddebo for a two-day Ashtanga Yoga Intensive. We repeat the success of the past two years and organise a third retreat in the cozy old school building in Uddebo. The trip is very popular – don’t wait to reserve your spot! Read more and book here

THE AUTUMN SCHEDULE starts on 1 August and will be posted on the web soon. Info about our upcoming beginner’s level 1 and 2 courses is already available on the events page. There are no major changes to the autumn schedule other than the Beginners’ level 2 course being moved to Sundays Malmö. That way, people who oversleep and miss Mysore class and/or those who wish to have more guidance after the beginners’ level 1, can still practice that day. The class can be taken as a course or with “klippkort”. Details about the level 1 and 2 courses here

FRIDAY-FUN – the first alternative after-work this autumn takes place on 31 August at 17-19 in Malmö. We return to the basics of Ashtanga yoga and focus on Breath and Bandha technique. Read more about the class and register here. It’ll be fun as usual!

The next newsletter will be sent to you mid-August. Until then, please check out our news page for day to day stuff and/or follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great summer!

Sea view from Kadermo island, Finland


During the month of July 2018,  we’ll run a slightly reduced summer schedule. All necessary information about our teaching is available on the schedule page and here below you’ll find an overview of the summer schedule (which is also available on the schedule page). Those who have or buy practice cards that include the month of July will be compensated (we add two weeks onto the card) for the reduced number of practice opportunities. Please note that some mornings are only self-practice classes, which means that you can use the room to do your practice but no teacher will be present. We appreciate that you respect the specified times and are showered and ready when the class time is over. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (new students and guest practitioners please always send an email before you come to class the first time)!

*click on the image for a larger view


Sunset at Kadermo Conscious Living

Our spring schedule continues until 29/6  2018 and in July this year’s summer yoga holiday goes to Kadermo Island in Finland. In this newsletter you can read about the trip and all that happens at Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund before then.

YOGA RETREATour summer yoga holiday goes to the idyllic island of Kadermo, Finland. On 8-13 July, Isabella teaches a week-long retreat at Kadermo Conscious Living . Enjoy days full of yoga, delicious vegetarian food and relaxation in a truly unique environment. Bookings and more here.

TEMPORARY SCHEDULE CHANGES – please note that on 10/5 (Ascension) and 6/6 (Sweden’s National Day) we have special opening hours. The last guided Primary series class is held on Sunday 3 June followed by tea&talk as usual. All temporary changes and info of cover teachers are posted on our newspage. We don’t teach on full/new moon – upcoming dates are 15/5, 29/5 as well as 13/6, 28/6.

FRIDAY FUN – the final alternative after work this spring happens in Malmö on 18 May at 17-19. The class is an introduction to the Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga. Completion of the Primary series is a requirement. Please consult Isabella before registering here.

SPECIAL BACK BEND CLASS – on 6 June from 10-12 Isabella teaches a special theme class at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen. The class is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of backbends in yoga and learn how to practice them safely. Read more and register here

 SUMMER SCHEDULE – in July we’ll run a limited schedule with Mysore classes altered by self-practice. You’ll receive a detailed schedule with the next newsletter. If you buy a card that covers the period of 1-31 July, your card will be extended for a couple of weeks as a compensation.

YOGA PRODUCTS – many of you ask for advice on yoga mats and accessories. I’d therefore like to recommend OurYogaShop, which has a large and good selection of products. Check out their website for inspiration!

The next newsletter containing a summer schedule and a heads up for upcoming events in August/September will be sent to you mid-June. Until then, please check the news page for day to day info and/or follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

See you on the yoga mat!

Photographer: Alessia Campostrini


Photo credit: Alessia Camprostini

Temporary schedule changes in spring 2018:

We don’t teach on full/new moon days. All dates are available here


Tuesday 1/5 closed

Thursday 10/5 (Ascension):  Morning-Mysore in Malmö cancelled. Miho covers at evening-Mysore in Malmö 16.30-18.45

Thursday 17/5 Miho covers Morning-Mysore in Malmö 06.15-08.45


Sunday 3/6 Guided primary series in Malmö 09-11.00 followed by Tea&Talk (no Mysore class)

Wednesday 6/6 (national day) NB! Morning-Mysore in Malmö 09-11.30

Friday 22/6 (midsummers eve) closed


Special summer schedule (t.b.a)


The colourful Easter holiday is here and lights up the still very grey outdoors while spring and warmer temperatures keep us waiting. Our shala is warm though, both literally and heart wise. As you know, we have moved and we gradually start to feel at home although a few things remain to be fixed. New premises mean new routines which you can read more about in this newsletter. You also find information about our Easter opening hours, new beginners’ courses in April and other events happening this spring/summer. Continue reading to stay on top of coming developments.

EASTER SCHEDULE – all opening hours and schedule changes over the Easter holiday and for the rest of spring are found here. On Easter Sunday 1/4 at 9:00 it’s time for our monthly guided Primary series. Mysore class is cancelled then. Guided class is suitable to everyone except complete beginners. Please be on time! After class there’s “Tea & Talk” where we discuss a yoga-related topic. This time we’ll focus on “Yoga in everyday life” with a special (fun) challenge.

NEW SHALAS, NEW RULES – access to our new studios in Malmö and Lund is gained with an entry code. Should you not have received this, please contact us in good time before you come to practice. You have access to the shala 15 minutes before class starts: weekday mornings at 6.00, afternoons at 16.15 and on Sundays at 8.30 (but not earlier than this). You can start your practice then but the teaching (adjustments) starts at 6.30, 16.30 and 9.00. The last entry to Mysore class is 07.30, 17.30 and 10.00 respectively. Please bring a small sweat towel and a mat towel for hygiene. If you borrow a mat, please wipe it after use. For everyone’s comfort kindly follow these guidelines.

NEW BEGINNERS COURSES LEVEL 1and 2 start in Malmö and Lund the second week of April. All information about the courses is available on the beginner’s page. Please share with friends and family who may be interested.

SPECIAL CLASSES – Do you want to learn head stand and be comfortable in the finishing sequence of Ashtanga yoga? Isabella teaches a special class in Copenhagen on Saturday April 7 at 10-12. Read more and register at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen.

FRIDAY-FUN – our monthly alternative after work takes place in Malmö on April 13th at 17-19. The theme of the session is “Happy Hips”. Secure your spot in advance! More info here.

SUMMER ASHTANGA YOGA RETREAT – this year we travel to Kadermo Concious Living in Finland. From 8-13 July, Isabella teaches a one-week retreat on the idyllic island of Kadermo, not far from Helsinki. Six days of yoga, delicious vegetarian food and relaxation in a truly unique environment. Read more about the retreat and see pictures on this page. Bookings are on now!

That’s all for now folks. I would like to thank everyone who participated in and/or contributed to the Yoga Stops Traffick event we held early March. We did 108 sun salutations and raised funds for the Indian anti-trafficking organisation Odanadi. We collected about 5200kr which will be transferred directly to them. A heartfelt thanks to all!

The next newsletter with information about additional summer events and more will sent to you in May. Until then, please check this news page for day to day info and/or follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for photos and fun stuff.

See you on the yoga mat!

Photo credit: Alessia Campostrini


Since a few of weeks we have new venues in Malmö and Lund and we are getting more and more settled in the new premises. A few things are still left to be dealt with and we ask for your patience for a little longer. Your ideas, questions or requests are much appreciated so please don’t hesitate to send us a message to let us know. All our addresses and maps are found here

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that our venues now require codes to enter the buildings. Existing practitioners should already have been sent the codes by text message. In case you didn’t receive the codes or you’ve lost them, please contact us before you come to class.

We look forward to seeing you on the yoga mat!


Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 started in the best possible way for you all. I (Isabella) have spent two very inspiring months with my teacher R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore. In January, I have been fortunate to assist during Mysore class in the shala. It is very rewarding but also very tough.

In less than two weeks I return to Sweden and resume teaching. The spring schedule starts in Lund on Friday 2/2, but we’ll have a grand spring premiere with guided Primary series followed by “Tea&Talk” at our new shala in Malmö on Sunday the 4/2. Continue reading for all the important information needed ahead of the spring.

THE SPRING SCHEDULE is already up on the schedule page where you can also download a copy. There have been some adjustments to timings and addition of new courses; the Mysore class on Wednesday pm in Lund is replaced by a Beginner’s level 2 course. The course aims to guide participants through the first half of Primary series. You can participate in the course or sign up with your monthly/klipp-card; read more here. Please remember that we don’t teach  on full/new moon (only beginner’s courses take place then). All future dates are found here

NEW BEGINNER’S COURSES – start in Malmö and Lund early February. All info about these courses is available on the beginner’s page where you may also sign up. Please share with friends and family!

GUIDED CLASS – every first Sunday of the month Mysore class is replaced by a guided primary series class. The class is an important for learning the correct vinyasa, tempo and rhythm. It is suitable for all except complete beginners. Be on time for 9.00am – there are no admissions once the class has started. The dates for guided class can be found on the overview schedule on the website. After the guided class there’s “Tea & Talk” about a selected yoga-topic. The first occasion this spring is Sunday the 4/2 when I will share my experience from Mysore and the work with the organisation V-Care.

SPECIAL CLASSES– “Friday-fun” continues monthly in Malmö and I will also teach similar theme classes in Copenhagen three Saturdays in during the spring. You can already see all events and sign up for them via our events page

WE’re MOVING – to a new studio in Malmö at the end of January and thus some classes are cancelled between 30/1 – 2/2. Our new studio is located at Föreningsgatan 72, entrance next to Coop Värnhemstorget. In Lund we’ve already moved and are at Fabriksgatan 2, floor 4th floor (code 1665). Here I teach all morning-Mysore in Lund while the beginner’s courses are located at Folkets hus. Maps and directions are on the website. We aim for the move in Malmö to go smoothly and remind you to take home your stored yoga mats by the morning of 29/1.

COTTON MATS, yoga mat bags and other items that you ordered from Mysore are on the way and will be delivered sometime during the first half of February. I’ll inform you as soon as the goods arrive in Sweden.

See you soon! I look forward to seeing old and new faces and to sharing all of my experiences from Mysore. If you do not want to miss important news I recommend that you check out this news page and/or follow us on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for photos and fun stuff.

See you soon!

With some of the kids at V-Care. Would you like to help? Swish 123 576 46 91

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