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Summer is here with holidays and a lot of sunshine (hopefully!). The current schedule runs until July 7th when we close for a summer break until July 23rd. We therefore kindly ask those of you who store mats at the shala in Malmö to take them home and wash them while we’re closed. Mats that are not taken care of will be given to second hand/recycling. Contact us if you’re unable to fetch your mat before we close. The shala re-opens on July 24th with a  summer schedule that runs until August 13th. You find all the information about our summer opening hours and schedule here.

Before the summer break, we have a final guided class on July 2nd. (The Mysore class is cancelled then). Class starts at 9.30am and you are traditionally led (Sanskrit) through the Ashtanga yoga Primary series. All are welcome regardless of whether you’ve completed the whole series or not. BUT, please arrive on time! After class we have tea and the last yoga talk this season where we reflect on why we practice yoga.

During the summer break we go to Uddebo where Isabella teaches a 5-day Ashtanga yoga retreat. We return to the Uddebo Art & Drumhouse where we stayed last year. You may still join us! Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and enjoy great food with friends! Contact us if you are interested. More info here.

The autumn schedule starts on August 14th and runs until the end of the year. Note that some class timings will be slightly altered. New is also that we’ll have two guided classes a month with full primary series the LAST Sunday each month and half primary series (until Navasana) every fourth Thursday night instead of Mysore class. All dates are on the overview schedule which you can download: Autumn schedule 2017. The schedule will soon also be available on the website.

New beginners’ courses in Ashtanga yoga start in August/September in Lund and Malmö respectively. Info about these is found here. Please share with friends/family who may be interested. The more who practice the merrier!

New special workshops and events are already scheduled for the autumn. Friday-fun continues as do the “Yoga talks” after guided class on Sundays. In addition, Isabella will teach a couple of vinyasa-workshops and Mysore classes at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen. Many of the upcoming events are already published on the events page where you may read more and register (places usually fill up fast)!

Our teacher R Sharath Jois is visiting Copenhagen the first week of August and Stockholm the second week. You can still register to practice with him but there are only a few places left – more info here. If you’ve already booked (and paid) for Copenhagen, you may ask Isabella to pick up your access card and receive it in Malmö/Lund the week of 24-31 July.

The next newsletter will reach you mid-august with more detailed information about the autumn’s events. Hope to see most of you on the mat this summer, but would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for this semester!

Happy summer!


This summer we will exceptionally be closed for 2,5 weeks in July. From the 8 to the 23 of July we’re taking a small break in Malmö/Lund, first by going to Uddebo for a 5-day retreat (There’s still a chance for you to join! Check the event here) and then a few days of holiday. If you have a card that runs over this period please bring it to class and we’ll extend it with the corresponding time.

As from 24 July we’ll run a summer schedule before the regular Autumn schedule starts on 14 August. Isabella resumes teaching on 24 July, but during the first two weeks of August she’ll be involved in  R. Sharath Jois’ workshop in Copenhagen and Stockholm (more info here ). Miho and Anna will cover classes during those weeks. Please check below for the schedule from 24 July to 13 August or download your own copy of the Summer schedule 2017

Temporary schedule changes JUNE 2017

In June we have the following temporary schedule changes:

  • National Day of Sweden, Tuesday 6 June – morning Mysore in Lund is held at 8.30-10.30am. Afternoon Mysore in Malmö is held as usual at 4.30pm
  • Friday 9 June is full moon and all Mysore classes are cancelled
  • Midsummer’s Eve, Friday 23 June – morning Mysore in Lund is CANCELLED that day!

All other classes run as scheduled until 7 July.


Temporary schedule 24 May to 1 June 2017

Between 24th of May and 1st of June there’s a temporary schedule in place. While Isabella is in NYC fpr R. Sharath Jois workshop and the Yoga&Science conference, Miho and Anna cover her classes. Please take note that we are closed on 25-26 May and that some classes the following week are only self-practice. See the schedule here below (click on the image for a larger view). Isabella is back and resumes teaching on 2nd of June.


Although it’s hard to believe when looking out the window summer is just around the corner. Our yoga practice continues irrespective of the weather and we are open as usual all through May and June until the 7/7. We take a short summer break from 8/7 to 23/7 but reopen on the 24/7. If you have/or buy a new card that runs over the three weeks we are closed it will automatically be extended with the corresponding time. Before the summer break we have several fun events to look forward to and some temporary schedule changes that you can read about below.

SCHEDULE CHANGES – Ascension this year coincides with a “moon-day” and therefore the school is closed on 25+26/5. Isabella travels to NYC to attend a workshop with R. Sharath Jois and a conference on “Yoga and Science”. In her absence, Miho and Anna cover all classes (24/5 until 1/6).

On the National Day 6/6 and on Midsummer Eve 23/6, the morning Mysore in Lund is held at 8.30-10.30am. Stay up to date on all temporary schedule changes by liking our Facebook page or regularly check the Blog/News page on our website. Our regular schedule is available here

GUIDED CLASS – takes place on the first Sunday of each month. Upcoming dates before the summer break are 4/6 and 2/7 (the Mysore class is cancelled those days). Class starts at 9:30am and you are guided through the Primary series in traditional Sanskrit. Everyone is welcome regardless if you’ve completed the first series or not BUT please arrive on time! After class, you are invited to a cup of tea and discussion about a yoga-related theme. At the next session on 4/6 Isabella shares what came up during the Yoga and Science conference in NYC.

FRIDAY-FUN – this seasons’ last workshop takes place on Friday 19/5 at 5-7pm in Malmö. The theme is “Core & Twists”. More info here. If you’ve missed any of the previous workshops or would like to get more into asana technique, join Isabella in Copenhagen where she continues to teach vinyasa workshops this summer/autumn. On Saturday 10/6 at 10am-12pm, the first workshop “Happy hips”, takes place at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen. Read more and register via their website

SUMMER YOGA RETREAT 8-12 July – During the summer break – the second week of July – Isabella teaches a 5-day Ashtanga yoga retreat at Uddebo Art & Trummelurhouse. After last summer’s successful weekend, we return to the same venue for a longer stay. Take the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice, enjoy good food and company! All places that include accommodation are already booked but you can still participate if you arrange your own accommodation in the village (or camp). It’ also possible to attend single days. Contact us if you are interested. More info here.

The next newsletter will be sent just before the summer break with info about the autumn schedule, new beginner’s courses, workshops and other events! In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for R Sharath Jois’ workshop in Copenhagen the first week of August or in Stockholm the  week after. Take the chance to experience a little “Mysore-Magic” at home! Read more here!

That’s all for now! See you on the yoga mat!
Om Shanti!

Easter schedule 13-17 April 2017

During the Easter weekend we’re open the following times:

Thursday 13/4:

06.15 Self-practice (no adjustments) Malmö

16.15-19.00 Mysore class Malmö (Anna covers for Isabella)

We’re closed from Good Friday 14/4 until Easter Monday 17/4.

Welcome back on Tuesday 18/4!

NEWSLETTER april 2017

At last the sun seems to have found its way back and spring is approaching. We have just entered Daylight saving time, resulting in brighter and longer days and hopefully more energy to come to yoga practice. In addition to the regular schedule April offers a special weekend getaway in Visby, more of the popular Friday-fun workshop etc. Read below about all upcoming events including a heads up on our summer retreat in July.

SCHEDULE: Did you know that since the start of March, we offer morning-Mysore every day in either Lund or Malmö? Take advantage of the extra light to practice in the morning and get more energy for the rest of the day. Check out the overview schedule on the schedule page. This year, Easter falls in April and we will exceptionally be closed from 14-17/4. Please remember that we also close at new/full moons. Upcoming dates are 28/3, 11/4 and 26/4. You find all the info on “moon-days” here

GUIDED CLASS: April begins with a guided class of the Ashtanga yoga Primary series on Sunday 2/4 (Mysore is cancelled that day). Class starts at 9:30am and you are guided through the Primary series in traditional Sanskrit. All are welcome regardless if you’ve completed the first series or not BUT please arrive on time! After class, you are invited to a talk about yoga and diet: do we need to eat in a particular way to practice yoga? Room is also given for or questions about your practice and yoga’s role in everyday life.

FRIDAY-FUN: the alternative after-work class continues on a monthly basis with the next session on 21/4 at 5pm in Malmö. The theme of the class is arm balances and inversions – more info here. Upcoming dates for Friday-fun are available on the overview schedule and on the Workshop page. Pre-registration via Medborgarskolan is required to secure your spot.

WEEKEND GETAWAY:  Over the May Day Weekend 29/4 – 1/5, Isabella teaches a workshop in Visby with the theme “Ashtanga Yoga as therapy -how does it work?”. The workshop offers daily Mysore/led classes and lectures on yoga’s benefits for our mental and physical health. Learn about how yoga can complement other healing practices – book your place here.

SUMMER RETREAT 8 to 12 July:  The second week of July we return for a 5-day Ashtanga yoga retreat in Uddebo Arts & Drumhouse. We practice yoga and sleep in simple but cosy conditions, do all the chores and cook together.  Last year’s retreat was very successful so book now to secure your spot. It’s possible to participate on single days but priority is given to those who stay the full retreat. You may also arrange your own accommodation and only join the yoga classes if you wish. Book here or contact us for questions.

In August our teacher from India, R Sharath Jois’, will also visit to Europe. If you want to take part in his workshop in Copenhagen or Stockholm it’s time to sign up to secure your spot. More info here

Finally, thanks to  everyone who participated on 12 March and did the 108 sun salutations in support of the organization Odanadi from Mysore and their important work for women and children subjected to trafficking in India. You generously donated 4300kr which will be sent directly to Odanadi. Those of you who could not attend but would still like to contribute can contact us to make a bank transfer or swish.

That’s all for now! See you on the yoga mat! P.S Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook

Article for Ashtanga Magazine

Isabella recently wrote an article for the online publication Ashtanga Magazine. You can find the original article with  all the pictures here:

Or continue reading below:

By Isabella Nitschke from Sweden

When I first came into contact with yoga twelve years ago, I saw it as a purely physical exercise. I did not have any knowledge of yoga philosophy and there was no teacher who could guide me. Yet very early into my yoga journey, I felt a strong need and duty to share with others the benefits I experienced from the practice. Little did I know at the time that this feeling had a name to it and that it was a central part of yoga philosophy. Sharath R. Jois, who has since become my guiding teacher, often urges us to “Do your duty (dharma), go out and give back to society”. This is also the message of many yoga texts: that we carry out our actions without attachment to the fruits of them and dedicate our practice to the good of all.

Karma yoga is the yoga of action and is one of the central themes of the Baghavad Gita which talks about the idea of non-attachment to the fruits of one’s actions. This is also true for the Yoga Sutras, where Abhyasa (practice) and Vairagya (non-attachment) are two central aspects of yoga. Seva – selfless service is the spiritual name for karma yoga. Doing Seva means to do good actions for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return.

When I was recommended to try yoga following a sports injury in 2004 my sole interest was to heal from the injury and I had no intention for yoga become a permanent activity in my life. I attended some yoga classes I found at the local gym in Brussels, Belgium, where I was coincidentally working as a spinning teacher in my spare time. However, the classes didn’t appeal to me as the pace was slow and I found no coordination with the breath, something was I used to do in my cycling and running. Then somehow I got my hands on David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series DVD. I remember that I simply put it in the recorder and did the whole thing following David’s instructions. It was a mind blowing experience! I found it totally crazy and had to modify a lot of course. But there was pace, focus on the breath and a lot of sweating. I liked it!

At the time there was no Ashtanga Yoga available where I lived, so stuck to practicing with the DVD a couple of times a week for a few years. Yoga helped fix my injury, but very soon I noticed other benefits of having a regular practice. I had recently moved to China and started a very stressful job in international relations and the practice became a tool for me to stay more balanced in life. Unfortunately, I still ended up with a severe burnout where both body and mind fell into a big black hole and I stopped functioning at every level. Had it not been for the regular yoga practice I think I’d have fallen so deep that I wouldn’t have made it back from the darkness. But the practice cushioned the fall somewhat and it definitely helped bring me back to life. If I’d had a teacher at the time who could have guided me in my practice, I am convinced that the damage of the stress to my system would have been even less.

My experience of yoga’s healing abilities made me feel an instant need to share this fantastic practice with others. I particularly wanted to help prevent others from suffering the same way that I had or at least help them recover from similar situations. I decided to quit my career in international politics and work with yoga and people’s well-being full time. This change also involved a move to London where I finally found guidance in my Ashtanga practice. I retrained professionally and was fortunate to be accepted to a special training in yoga therapy for mental health. During this time I also stumbled upon an opportunity to go to Rwanda as a volunteer to teach yoga as a therapy to women who survived the genocide in 1994. This was my first chance of really giving back; to do Seva by helping others heal through yoga.

I fundraised for almost a year to be able to do the trip to Kigali where I got to work for a small not-for-profit organization called Project Air. The organization worked with rehabilitating women, but also men and children suffering from post-traumatic stress and other consequences from the 1994 genocide. For four months in 2011, I worked together with trauma counsellors and medical professionals from the US partner organization WE-ACTx and taught yoga to help the women, who were all also HIV-positive, recover from the experience of sexual abuse and other violence.

When I arrived in Kigali, Project Air had already been running for a few years, but during my time of teaching both old and new participants witnessed of rather dramatic changes to their overall wellbeing since starting yoga practice. Women who suffered from night mares and severe PTSD were able to sleep again; some of the men found that they were less aggressive and could deal better with their emotions; and all participants experienced physical health benefits including a better immune system. There were many other benefits to these individuals physical and mental health that I cannot list, but most importantly the practice made them smile and laugh again, which most hadn’t been able to do after the genocide. The practice gave them energy, zest for life and the feeling of being young again and this was one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed.

After the months spent in Rwanda, I have tried to continue to do regular Seva as part of my yoga practice. In London I was a member of the board of Odanadi UK and involved with the Yoga Stops Traffick campaign both in London and in Mysore. Most recently, through my yoga shala Ashtanga Yoga Malmö/Lund in southern Sweden, I’ve started a co-operation with Yoga Shala Stockholm and Astanga Yoga Copenhagen to help a small non-profit called V-Care based in Mysore. It is essential for me that not only my own practice but also to my teaching transmits the fact that yoga goes beyond the yoga mat. However, just like I came to yoga for purely physical benefits I don’t expect my students to want to engage beyond their physical practice. That said; I believe it is my duty as a teacher to inform them that while asana practice is only 2 hours a day, yoga practice goes on 24/7.

Sharath R. Jois says we should remember that there’s something bigger than us in life. The theme of dedicating our practice to something bigger is also central in the Mangala mantra, the closing chant of Ashtanga Yoga. It’s a reminder that we don’t do our practice for our own benefit only (then it’s easy to become neurotic and attached to the practice) but for the good of everyone. Not everyone is able to do Seva physically by volunteering or by donating money, but actions need not be that big. By doing the chant at the end of our practice we take the energy of the work we have just done and offer it to the benefit everyone else. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu (May all beings, everywhere, be happy and free)!

NEWSLETTER February 2017

Happy new year to you all – I hope that 2017 has started in the best way for you. I am pleased to announce a lot of good news for our yoga school during the first half of the year. With the spring schedule we introduce more Mysore classes, new beginners’ courses as well as a new series of the popular “Friday-fun”. You also have the opportunity to join us for a yoga weekend and a summer-retreat to immerse yourself in your yoga practice. For all the details please continue reading:

THE SPRING SCHEDULE starts on 1 February. A new addition is extended morning Mysore classes; on Tuesdays we add a morning class in Lund and on Thursday morning one in Malmö from 6.15-8.45am respectively. Please note that these classes don’t start until March, but there will be self-practice (no adjustments) in each studio during February. Remember that you have access to the premises 15min before the class starts (morning and evening). For an overview of the schedule and all the shala guidelines please consult the schedule page.

A MONTHLY GUIDED CLASS of the Ashtanga yoga primary series takes place on the first Sunday each month (the Mysore class is cancelled that day). The next guided class is held on 5/2 at 9:30am. You will be guided through the Primary Series in traditional Sanskrit. All are welcome regardless if you’ve completed the first series or not, BUT please arrive on time! After class, you are invited to a yoga talk about the Yamas & Niyamas, the two first limbs of Ashtanga yoga and how to apply them on/off the yoga mat. Room will also be given for questions about your practice.

The FRIDAY FUN workshop continues once a month starting on 24/3 at 5pm in Malmö. The topic of the first session is the art of breathing and its importance to yoga. More info about the workshop here. Upcoming dates for Friday-fun are available on the on the general class schedule and the theme for each session will be published on the Events page. NB! Due to the increased number of Mysore classes the Friday-fun will no longer be covered by the membership-cards. As from February all participants must register online and pay the workshop fee to Medborgarskolan.

A SNEAK PEAK AT MARCH reveals two new beginners’ courses starting in Malmö and Lund respectively – for more info check the beginner’s page. We also participate in the worldwide yoga event “Yoga stops traffick” and do 108 sun salutations in support of Odanadi, an organisation that works against trafficking of women and children in India. Read more about the event here.

APRIL WEEKEND WORKSHOP in Visby 29/4-1/5. Over the May Day weekend Isabella teaches a workshop in Visby with the theme of “Ashtanga Yoga as Therapy”. Take a break from city life and enjoy spring time and yoga on the isle of Gotland. Book now while the flight tickets to Visby are still cheap! Read more here.

SUMMER RETREAT in Uddebo 8-12 July. The second week in July, we return for a 5-day Ashtanga yoga retreat in Uddebo. Last year’s mini-retreat at the Uddebo Arts & Trummelurhouse was very successful and we hope that you’ll join us this year again. You’ll find more info and how to book here.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the last class of 2016 on 30/12. We raised more than 3000SEK in support of the organisation V-Care in Mysore, funds which will be transferred straight to V-Care. If you were unable to attend but would still like to contribute can contact us to make a bank transfer or pay by swish.You can read more about V-Care on their website.

See you on the yoga mat!

Newsletter December 2016

img_2571December and the holiday season lies ahead of us; 2016 draws to an end and a new year with new adventures is waiting. The autumn schedule continues until 21/12, followed by a holiday schedule from 22/12 to 31/1. Download your copy of the XMAS and New Year schedule or consult the schedule page.

We start December with the monthly GUIDED CLASS and an END OF SEASON BRUNCH on Sunday 4/12. The Mysore class is cancelled that 12391831_888187361297225_6926102448896074383_nday. The guided Primary Series starts at 9:30am and is taught in traditional Sanskrit. Everyone is welcome to take part regardless if you’ve completed the series or not. After class I invite you to our annual pot-luck brunch, a great opportunity to socialize off the mat. If you can’t come to class you are welcome to just join the brunch. Bring something (vegetarian/vegan) to share. Family members are also welcome.

BETWEEN X-mas and New Year, we have late morning Mysore classes in Malmö from 9-11.15am. For newcomers to Ashtanga we also offer a special INTENSIVE COURSE for 4 days. Course participants get free access to all Mysore classes throughout January 2017. The course is great Christmas gift for someone you care about! More information here

68492_306795936099858_263873287_nThe last FRIDAY-FUN of the year takes place on 30/12 at 5-7pm in Malmö. The theme of the class is “giving” and participants are encouraged to make a financial contribution in support of the organization V-Care in Mysore, India. The class will be a guided Primary Series and all are welcome to attend but please register in advance here. If you can’t attend but would like to make a donation please email us.

On MOON-DAYS we follow the Ashtanga tradition and take rest. In December the full/new moon falls on 14/12 and 29/12. Read more here.

The next newsletter will be issued in early 2017 and includes information about the spring schedule (Feb to Jun), info on new beginner’s courses in Lund and Malmö, upcoming workshops and summer retreats. I can already announce a weekend workshop in Visby over the May Day holiday 2017 (more info here). Until then I wish you all happy holidays and I hope to share much of this winter with you since I’ll not travel to Mysore this season.

See you on the yoga mat!
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Photo (c) Barbara Süß

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From 8-23 July the shala is closed for the summer holidays. We wish all our yogis a great summer! Welcome back on Monday 24 July when we reopen at 06.15am in Malmö.